Tabarbour Neighborhood


This neighborhood is an urban development project, for the middle and limited income. A 24 Acres of Hilly Land with view corridors to surrounding outskirts and 8 km from northwest Amman, Jordan. As A design Concept, the urban Habitat is reminiscent of an Eastern Mediterranean Village with Tuscany Style finishes, comprising of 927 dwelling units total. A cluster of individual villas, multifamily courtyard low-rise apartment, and row houses, Mixed Use Town center with retail shops, anchor stores, cafes, and underground parking, located at the gate of the community to provide public access without infringing on the security and privacy for the rest of the development. Recreational Areas, Community School, nursery are located at the peripheral edges to the plan for various accessibility. The Mosque with the civic hall and reading rooms, serve as a pivotal landmark to the Tabarbour neighborhood. The Urban Living Center dedicated to professional offices, and transient living , located at the Tabarbour Highway opposite to the Town Mixed Use center.


Tabarbour, Amman, Jordan


23 Acres


Under Study