A private three level house for a small family, located in the planned neighborhood of Meshref, a 40 km South of Beirut.

The total area is about 950 sq. meters. The double wall structure cladded with clapboard stone elements, red tile roof and partial zinc roof to give the house a local a Mediterranean rural syntax. The main eyebrow window at the entrance, with a main lookout tower acts as an icon to the house orientation to sea breeze and views.

The Ground floor and Basement dedicated to the Public Domain, with the upper floor as the private domain consisting of four Bedroom suites and a family area.

The Plan of the house is very linear with a main east/west axis circulation cascading corridor as a gallery connecting the Main living, Study, breakfast area, the kitchen and a central stair connecting vertically the rest of the house. Large double glazed windows with wood shutters is utilized, for maximum lookout overlooking the pool below and the sea views.